LOBNHL NHL 15 Status

Posted: September 3, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

OK, so with NHL 15 for Xbox One being a shell of what it should be, the question has been whether or not to run a season of NHL 15 on the Xbox 360 while we wait for the actual complete game of NHL 15 when NHL 16 comes out. Assuming GM Connected Mode even makes it into that game (EA is already rumbling that not enough people play that mode to make it worth their time. *shakes head in disgust*)

So we had a couple of options, one was to run a season of 15 on the xbox 360. I asked people in the league if they would be willing to do that, and around 15 of you said “yes”, you would be. That would mean half the league is up for it.

The problems I foresee are as follows:

– NHL 14 was the worst of the bunch, and people had already gotten tired of that game. NHL 15 on the 360 only has commentary updates and roster updates, there are no other changes. It is basically EA cashing in on people without an Xbox One and offering up only the slightest of changes. I fear people will play NHL 15 for a bit, and grow tired of it just as quickly.

– I also fear drop off from the owners who have an Xbox 360 and Xbox One and have bought NHL 15 for the One. Not only will they not want to buy the same game twice, but let’s say they do, it’s SUPER hard to play NHL 15 on the XBox One with all the new physics and gameplay, then go back to the old gameplay of NHL 15 on the Xbox 360. Again, I fear this will cause a loss of interest in the league.


So I would lean towards freezing our rosters and picking up again in NHL 16, if EA allows it. Chris had a great idea in that we could run a fantasy hockey team based on our rosters for the hell of it, during the NHL season. That way we still get some fun out of our rosters and can see what happens when they play in the real NHL.

If there is a huge uproar of people who want to do a 360 Gm Connected NHL 15 league anyways, please let me know. Go to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ANRL83LnrCVzg5M9ga2dAtCG1PKyBuBw8f1trP07rXk/edit#gid=77878542 and type in your comments, and if we get more than 25 people, we will run a league.

All I ask is that you be honest about your thoughts on 15. Are you ok with a GM Connected League where many of the GMs might not have much interest in playing the games? Are you ok with paying for a game that is the same as last years? Do you think you would be able to maintain interest in the league for the majority of the time?


In the end, the brotherhood and friendships made are more important than the game, so I feel we are fine leaving it off for a year. But I also know it’s a ton more fun to have that brotherhood and be able to play games with them as well. So if you guys are up for it, we can do the 360 league, just make sure you go into knowing what it might end up being like.

If NHL 15 isn’t in our future, please note that Inder has started a Madden 15 league, many of us will be playing Destiny, and we will have fantasy hockey pools going on. We also have LOB Ups still happening, and we will always have things to do with your LOB brothers, so don’t view the end of a potential GM Connected year as the end of LOB. Worry not, we are always around.

That being said, if we get 25 guys to commit to NHL 15 on the 360, we will continue the league this year! So sign up here



And let me know!


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