LOB Lite League Settings

Posted: July 20, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

OK because EA hates puppies and happiness and wants us to never experience what it feels like to smile when playing a hockey game, we have zero access to league settings. The reason being, as we figured out last month, was because there are no league settings. The game just snakes settings from the host machine and uses those. I don’t think I need to describe why that is so fucking stupid on so many levels, so I will just leave it there and move on.

With that being said, for LOB Lite (and for NHL 15 if we have to use this same method), I want people all on the same page. It’s weird to be playing a slower game on your home machine, then all of a sudden you’re playing 1980’s, NHL 2004 style hockey when you’re on the road. It makes no sense to play like this.

So everyone in LOB Lite will be using the following settings moving forward. Also, seriously, let us all pray they have universal league settings in NHL 15. The focus of the new settings is more realistic, less arcadey hockey (which has been LOB’s MO since day one, so anyone who hates it or wants more arcadey hockey, sorry, that was never the intention of this league and never will be). Things you should notice with these settings:

– Gameplay is a lot slower

– Puck collisions are much higher (puck will bounce off of skates and sticks more, so it’s harder to dangle through three guys)

– Sniping is way harder. Gone are the days of 110 MPH wrist shots from your fourth line guy going top cheese. Even your stars will struggle to snip top corner while shooting cross body in the slot (which is the way it should be)

– Hopefully more fatigue and fewer injuries (assuming all of the settings get taken into account by the game)

– Lower scores. There most likely won’t be some dude with 190 points halfway through a season.

OK, so here are the new settings and how to apply them:

1.) Go to customize




2) Go to “Settings”


3) Go to Hospitality Settings


4) Set everything to hardcore and extreme

screen4 screen5

This sets all the base settings on your game to hardcore simulation.

Now, onto the tweaking:

5) Go into Gameplay Settings



6) Lower game speed, increase fatigue (match what you see here)



7) Lower injuries and  lessen acceleration (match screen)



8) Go to checking, lower hitting assistance


And that should be that. Before you play any games, check your settings to make sure they’re correct. I assume it will auto save your latest settings, but if it doesn’t, you might need to set them again. Worst case scenario, hopefully the person you’re playing has the right settings and they can do the invite.

If you play a game and notice the speed is way too fast and feels like the old settings you are in your rights to ask to send the invite so it uses the league settings. Please make sure we all use the same settings so we can all be on the same page!




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