Dave Wells

Posted: July 7, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Twitter can be like high school, where certain cliques tweet all the time, and the Vancouver Canucks crowd certainly has a big clique feel to it, so rather than have people go “Why is @brown2bure angry at stanch??” I am just going to post this once and move on.

There will be some of you who don’t care, and I applaud that.

There will be some of you who do care, and for that I offer up this explanation (to which I will attempt to not make it a he said/he said, LET’S FUCKING MEET UP WITH SWORDS AT DAWN sort of thing.

For those who might not know, I run a video game hockey league for the Xbox, and Dave has been a part of that from day one. Over the years people leave, or people get fired, and it so happens Dave got fired today from it.

(Should you have any reason for wanting to know why, from my end of things, here you go https://offthestanchion.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/league-update/ )

Again, every story has its own side, so all I will say from my end of things it comes down to a rule was broken and I am tired of dealing with too much stress over a video game league. That’s it.

After this happened, Dave said our friendship was over and then started putting me on blast for being a fraud and what have you. How I’m fake nice. He then started sub tweeting and chirping Eddie Lack by accusing me of stalking Eddie, and I’m sure it will continue. I am pretty sure this blog post will be viewed as “fake” as well.


The only reason I want to post this is to a) let people know the background so they don’t have to ask me “Why does Dave hate you??” and b) because I’m confused and saddened by it all. I don’t know how I’m fake or whatnot, I always try to do my best to treat people online with respect. Am I perfect? Of course not. I know I struggle to make friends outside of twitter, but I always do my best to not make people feel bad online, or if someone yells at me or calls me out, I try and find a middle ground, because I simply don’t like arguing with people. It doesn’t do much for me.

So if I become the devil according to Dave, at least you know why. Feel free to make your own judgement about me, everyone has their own opinion, as that is how life works.



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