League Update

Posted: July 6, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Hey guys,

Justen and myself try and run the league to our best abilities, I hope everyone knows that. In the role of commish we have to deal with arguments, we have to deal with conflicts, and many times emotions will get heated around the league (ourselves included) but we always try and do our best moving forward to improve with how we deal with things.

As we all know Dave (and I’ve told him this directly, so this is not some ambush) has made this league very difficult to run at times. He has been involved in a lot of high conflict incidents and there are many days when I just felt like folding the league rather than run it, because sometimes it just didn’t feel worth it. There would be times when I would be up talking all night dealing with situations instead of relaxing or getting sleep. I know Justen has done the same.

I did this for two reasons, one, for the love of the league, I really want to put out the best GM Connected league out there for the group of guys involved, I really do. It’s not just random cliche, I am honestly proud of our league and love it when guys get involved and bring more life to it. I could list off a ton of things you guys have done to make this more than a league, but that would take too long, just know I think this is the best NHL league around.

That brings me to the second reason. I also think of you guys as friends, and while I often get lost in my attempts to land a real full time writing job and don’t get to hang out or interact with you guys as much as I would like (I am trying to get better at balancing my times), I love the fact this league has allowed a lot of us to make friendships out of the game.

Sadly, this sometimes makes it hard to run the league as a straight up league. I find it extremely hard to extract punishment on people I view as friends, which is why I have been so extremely lenient whenever I can. I don’t want to come down on you guys if emotions run high because a) I understand video games make us rage (myself included) and b) it sucks to have to punish any of you guys.

However, I had one rule I put in place recently. One single rule.



Dave has again, threatened to leave the league. He has said he is done after this season.

So for that reason, Dave is no longer with the league. I had one rule. I asked one thing of you guys. And it wasn’t followed.

I asked for this rule to be in place because there has to be a certain amount of respect shown to the league. That last rule was put in place after Dave attacked the league. I was tired of the league being used as an emotional weapon, which is what it has been used for too many times for my liking.

This league should be fun. I can tell you that Justen and myself have not had enough fun running it too many times. We don’t get paid to run this league. We treat it like a job, yet we get nothing for it. Justen and myself will be up until 3am sometimes, dealing with conflict, or even delaying buttons pushes, trying our best to accommodate people. We do the best we can. So when the one rule I asked to be followed cannot even be followed, I have to act on it. I feel if I don’t act on this rule, it not only shows that I can’t stand up behind my own words, but it shows everyone they can do whatever they want. And I don’t think it was a hard to follow or mean spirited rule.

I hate doing this. This is a brotherhood and there is no joy in this for me. It sucks it came to this. But fuck guys, this league isn’t fun right now for me. It’s not fun for Justen. It’s either I stop this shit now, or I fold the league. I don’t get paid enough to deal with the headaches this league is causing me right now. I want it to be a fun place where we all go to get away from our problems, not a place where it feels like I am dealing with ex-girlfriend’s fighting with me.

Anyways, any complaints/thoughts can be sent to me. I just need this shit to stop and for this league to be fun again. Please, let’s just enjoy this league for what it is, a place for bros to be bros, and get angry over shitty goals going in. I am tired of actually stressing out about the health of the league at times. I sit at work and worry about it. That’s fucked up. I want to restore this league to a fun place, and this is how I’m going to try and do it.

Being in charge sucks sometimes.



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