State of Affairs for NHL 15

Posted: July 5, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Half of you know me as the original commissioner of the LOBNHL league (from back in the ’13 days) and soon the rest of you will know me in the NHL 15 days. Assuming we actually get GM Connected mode, and assuming we get control of sliders or at the very least, can set sliders before the league starts, there will be some changes.

As it stands now, there is some debate over whether the host’s settings are used (which it could be likely knowing EA and Chris has done testing to show this), thus over riding what should be the league settings (to which I will be asking Rammer about, you can bet on that).

As a result, one game I can find myself playing a game where Marion Gaborik struggles to hit the net, while the next game Roman Polak is sniping top corner. Roman fucking Polak.

That being said, there are two things to note: One, I prefer a slower game speed, one that doesn’t have wrist shots cannoning off of players sticks, and I want games where it isn’t a snipe show with fourth fucking liners, which mean shot accuracy will be lower.

Basically I want to encourage real hockey, not a return to the not so glory days of NHL 2004, where players had rockets under their name, and Brandon Reid was a really hot commodity to have on your team.

So for the people who like the cracked out speed and the 1980’s scoring, I just want you to be aware that I am going to do anything in my power to avoid that. I’ve said since day one I like realistic hockey (as much as can be obtained in fake hockey) so I will do my best to achieve that.

What this means is if the host settings are used in 15, then we will all have to set our settings to the exact same settings, just to ensure the game doesn’t snag those instead. Which means I will have a league settings you will need to follow. The idea is that this will hopefully stop settings changing from one game to the next, because that’s just fucking weird. Also, if we can set league sliders before the season starts, I can also tell you the game speed and shot accuracy will be lowered out of the box (assuming EA has it super fast out of the box, which let’s face it, they always do).

Again, nothing will change for this last 14 season. It is unfair for me to come stomping in here making changes this late in a season where everyone has adapted to it, I just wanted to give you a heads up that changes for the next game will be forthcoming, to be more inline with the original vision I had for the league.

Complaints, as always, can be sent to me via all caps on twitter.


– Bary



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