New LOBNHL Rules

Posted: April 8, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

There was some drama tonight after trades went downhill between the Flames and Canes, and as a result of that fallout, I just have some new rules in place.

1) If you threaten to quit the league, you’re out. You just get kicked out. It doesn’t matter if it’s me, or Justen or Dave or whomever, if you do that, it’s over, done.

2) LOBHeat is a fun hash tag we all use, and yes, tempers will get raised. We have all gotten mad over the years over stupid shit, we’ve all flipped our lids and then calmed down later. All I ask is that you apologize when all is said and done, or if you truly can’t bury the hatchet after a night, just don’t interact with that person moving forward. There is a difference between LOBHeat and Random Drama.

3) Don’t attack the league. While this may seem self serving, it is perhaps the only rule I truly enforce, and that’s because I will always protect the league at the end of the day. If people start bashing it and attacking it, then what’s the point of having it? If there are problems, that’s fine, but let’s work towards a positive outcome instead of being negative with no solutions being offered.

When I first started the league, I did everything I could to cater to people, to make sure people were happy. I viewed this as my job as commissioner to never get angry because I have seen many an organization fail because people in power abused it or would not take the role seriously and would make rash decisions. This is why our firing rate for LOBNHL is extremely low, I did everything I could to keep it that way.

In fact, the only time I knee jerked was when I fired Dickie and that was done purely because some GM’s wanted blood after Clarkey got booted. I use that as a lesson to think everything through and not react to people pressuring me. There have been plenty of times I have gotten really pissed off at people, or wanted to boot people, but I always made sure to calm myself down, because the easiest way to ruin the integrity of a league is to run it fueled by emotions. This is why I always calm myself down and think things through before I make decisions for LOB.

I also placated people because I felt if I didn’t put on the best league, nobody would want to be in it. After running it for a while, I realize that lots of you guys love the league just as much as I do, so I don’t have to make sure I hold your hands or that I keep everything running perfect 100% of the time by myself. People have stepped up and done an awesome job keeping LOBNHL going, and I truly appreciate that.

As a result of these revelations, I also realize how I need to navigate the stress I put on myself. This isn’t just LOB related, I have learned a hard lesson that in my entire life, I try to do too much and as a result, burn myself out, and make myself feel like trash for not living up to expectations of other people, real or perceived. I need to learn to apply myself in a better manner and make sure I come through on things I say I will instead of trying to do everything and failing at half of them. I basically need to be smarter about what I do, so that people I interact with can rely on me more.

That is why I am lowering the tolerance on firings, because at the end of the day, I need less stress in my life. One of things that stresses me out, is this league, and it stresses me out when people fight. It truly does. I don’t like it and I will always want it to stop and to get people to get along. I know not everyone will get along, but I do think I can at least do my best to keep people civil.

Now, this could easily just be my personality flaw. I was not raised in an environment that allowed me to understand how people can fight one day and be totally cool with it the next day. Things stick in my mind and they fester and they tend to make me over think, and it drives me crazy. So I am asking people to do their best and try and lower the LOB Heat to normal levels. Yell about the game, or a result, but try not to go too far with it. Do it because it’s easier on me and it helps me out, because I truly don’t understand nor know how to act when people flip the fuck out. I don’t know how serious a fight is, and it adds stress to my life to figure things out. I am still up at 1:45 trying to go over what happened tonight, that’s just how it goes for me, so all I can do is ask everyone to try their best to keep things at a normal level.

Finally, many might see this as an attack upon Dave in some sort of subtweet fashion. It truly is not, he just happened to be involved in an incident (one that has happened before with other GMs that had nothing to do with Dave) that made me realize I need to give the league the courtesy of letting them know my mindset, instead of me ranting and raving to myself. Nothing will get fixed unless I tell you guys what I would like to see happen.

So again, this isn’t against Dave at all. I am very direct and I already talked to Dave about this, but I realized when talking to him that it didn’t just apply to him, it applied to the league, and that I needed to tell you guys my thoughts, otherwise how will I ever get things to change?

We truly have an amazing league here, and I have made many friends in it, that is why I just wanted to let you know what was going on in my end, and if you see me act harsher than I have in the past, it’s not because I am trying to be a dick, it’s just that I am trying to lower stress levels of running a video game league.


I have no idea how to end this. Peace out? Yeah, peace out.






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