NHL 14 and 15

Posted: April 6, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

OK, so a couple of things about the transition to NHL 15:


1) It will be on Xbox One, barring a meltdown where EA decides to not release it on the new system

2) It will most likely be just as laborious to move our rosters over to 15, and will most likely be manual (unless they do what I want and allow me to start a league based on my rosters, which means I could prep each team up beforehand, which is so simple and so easy, you would think it should be no problem, which means it won’t happen)

3) Salary cap will be back on and be managed by NHL 15.

4) Rosters will be a full carry over.

One of the things I tend to do when running a league is micro-manage too much in the sense that I want to make sure everyone is ok and happy with everything. Sometimes I see a situation that effects one guy and I think “Oh no, we can’t have him being angry, I better try and fix this” and it leads to a long convoluted solution in which more manual labor is involved.

Going forward, the more we can leave up to the CPU, the better. While I may have the best intentions at times, turning off the cap and doing manual injuries were a spectacular failure, mainly due to the hockey season eating up my time. While having the cap on did create issues in ’13, it was better to have it on, as it does make managing things easier, and makes it so I don’t have to come up with a solution for odd situations where a someone’s players cousin once won a lotto ticket in real life, so could they please have some cap allowance for their team?

So the motto we will now have in LOBNHL is “Shit happens.” And when I say that, I mean “EA will let shit happen”, in that we will always run across things that are fucking stupid to us. In the past, I would try and do everything on my own, which would burn me out, and probably wasn’t needed. I think if we all accept that we are going to do our best to come up with the best solution for the majority of the people and we all promise to try our best not to get super pissed off about things that are out of our hands due to EA being EA, we will be fine.

What this means is Justen and I will need help at times. For instance, for NHL 15, once again I am going to want you guys to fill out a google document with your entire team roster. You guys did a kick ass job with the manual draft from 13 to 14 and it was much appreciated. Many of you are just as crazy about video game hockey as I am, and so I am going to have to lean on you guys at times to make the league work.

So NHL 15 will have a lot of problems when we get there, all I can do is ask for your patience as we try and come up with a best way to deal with them. And yes, sometimes you will get fucked over due to in game limitations, it’s going to happen, prepare yourself for it. Just know we will always try our best to make it as painless as possible.

(Praise be to Jebus if we get access to sliders and can start a league based on saved rosters).

In regards to NHL 14, the salary cap will go up $3 million to accommodate for in game inflation of salaries (ie dudes are programmed to ask for more and more money). The caveat being, once you get to 15, if you’re over the cap, that’s on you. Even if the cap drops and you’ve got a roster full of guys you love, if you’re over the cap in 15, you have to drop them to FA or trade them, or whatever.

The best way to manage this, of course, is to keep an eye on cap geek and make note of your players 15 salary, and make decisions based on that. Or you can just go all out and try and win in 14 and then break apart your team in 15.

What you can’t do is throw a tantrum if your team is over the cap in 15.

Also, when it comes to retired players who are gone in 14 but will be reborn in 15, you can keep them on your current NHL 14 “carry over list” but they will be on your cap at 50% of their NHL salary for the 14 season on Cap Geek.

What this means is punishment for going over the cap will be enforced 100% next season, and there will be penalties. I won’t have the Canucks around to take up my time, so I can start paying attention again.


That being said, there is still a lot of time left for NHL 15, things might change, and if you have any concerns or questions, start tweeting them at me to my Bettman account or Justens account, and we will work through any concerns, ideas, thoughts you might have. I could very well be missing an obvious problem, so please, if you feel something needs to be clarified, changed, or an old rule enforced, let me know.


– Bary


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