Taking time off

Posted: January 7, 2014 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Hey LOB Brothers,

Just a quick update for everyone. Life has been pretty hectic(work and personal) for me (to the point where I am not even writing much, which you know isn’t a good sign for me. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like snapping at people on Twitter, which isn’t like me at all), so rather then put LOBNHL on hold for me, I am taking some time off and letting Justen run the show for a bit. I am not going anywhere, but it isn’t fair to the league that I hold it back, so as always, the league comes first. LOBNHL and the people I’ve met in it have been amazing, so don’t worry, I am not letting any of you bastards leave just yet. LOB Brothers for life, except for Clarkey.

Feel free to play my CPU while I am away. Due to my ongoing (and ongoing….and ongoing….and ongoing) internet issues, sometimes I can’t even get through a game against the computer without it disconnecting and invalidating the game. I have talked to Shaw, I have had Shaw over, and they have basically told me “Sorry, too many signals in your area, deal with it” and walked away from it, which has left me very frustrated. It makes me, with very limited motivation and very limited time, want to have to waste your time and my time to try and attempt a game, only to have it disconnect each or every other game. Talk to Tampa Bay or Florida about our playoff series, it was maddening beyond belief.

So again, I am not going anywhere. This will free me up to do some of the more fun bonus stuff for LOB, like the injury stuff or coming up with neat ideas for the league (as well as find some new GM’s for people who have left) and I will always be around on twitter.

Also, NHL 14 kind of sucks, so I am hoping NHL 15 finally gives us slider support so I can have a league set up like I want, with way more missed shots and far less hitting power and fewer injuries. If they give us slider control in NHL 15, watch out, because that will be the best LOBNHL ever.

Anyways, I am in this for the long haul, I just need some time away for a bit and I don’t want you guys to suffer for it, so Justen, who does a great job as my ASS MAN, will make sure the league runs smoother than my current situation will allow me to do it. Justen has my full authority to do whatever he thinks is best (short of burning down the league or re-hiring Clarkey), so he speaks for the league. I will still weigh in on any issues if anybody wants to DM me about anything, too.

Anyways, see you guys online!


– Stanch


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