Posted: November 27, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

OK guys, here is the deal, we are going to reset the league and start over.

Take a second, breathe, I’ll give you a moment to digest that.

I hope by now that you all know I take my time with decisions and I don’t just bull rush into things (unless it’s perma banning Clarkey), so hopefully you have enough faith in me to at least accept that I am doing what I think is best for the league. Or as HHH would say, is “best for business.”

Here is why I am restarting the league:

1) Injuries are stupid high. Right now there are about 8-10 teams that don’t have injuries. We have only played 3-7 games of the season, a season in which people tried NOT to hit anyone while rosters got figured out, yet players are dropping like flies.

I like injuries as a concept. I like teams having their depth pushed and it makes picking up lower players and finding bargain players a real GM skill that can shine through when injuries ravage your team. But there is something to be said about actually getting to play with your stars on your team instead of a team full of scrubs. Right now the injuries are just way too out of whack and it’s not even close to realistic.

In a perfect world I would crank fatigue so people would have to play their 3rd and 4th lines so at least depth would be tested a bit (I am the fatigue master after all) but aside from my sneaky magical fatigue ways, I have no actual way of setting fatigue in the league, so we can’t even do that.

Another reason injuries will be turned off is because hitting is super over powered in this years game, which will probably lead to a ton of injuries, which will lead to a ton of people bitching and screaming. I enjoy some good LOBHEAT as much as the next guy, but when an entire league is yelling and screaming and dragging me into it, it won’t be a good scene.

Hell, at this point I would be up for an “Injury draw” every week, where we pull 5 teams from a hat and then pull out 5 lengths of time, then pull out a name from the team and assign injuries. I would be all over this, but people might not want to bother, but I am putting it out there. Would bring injuries into the league and would at least let us control them to an extent.

The idea being of course you would healthy scratch your player until his “injury” was over. I would post the weekly injuries on here so it’s up to you to see if your opponent does it. I wouldn’t enforce it too harshly, it would be on you guys, but might be a fun way of making it work.

– The tuners are fucked. The tuners I tested when I chose hardcore sim settings have seen been updated and are now a pile of garbage. I beat the CPU on Superstar simply by aiming top corner and 40% of my shots went in. I beat CBJ comp 10-1, with a 62 ov guy sniping a cross body top corner shot. Short side goals are even easier now, and picking far corner can be done from anywhere in the zone. This is honestly how the non hardcore sim sliders worked, so I am confused as to why they fucked up hardcore sim so bad.

Keep in mind that original Hardcore Sim sliders lowers the shot accuracy dramatically, so it’s next to impossible (in the small sample size of games I played) to keep picking top corner even with your stars, but I’d rather have a 3-2 league than an 8-7 league. Again, this league was meant to be played more like real NHL hockey and less like “Do anything to win” video game hockey, so I want to restart the league under old sliders.

Again, I would change them now, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

Now I know doing all the trades was a huge bitch, and we all need to work together to get up and running. It should be much smoother once my internet is fixed (Supposedly Friday) and with the App, nobody should have any excuse why they can’t accept any trades. I will annoy the shit out of anyone who holds up trades, so if you have any issues reaching a GM, please let me know. We do all have to work together on this one.

Seriously, logging onto your ap on the phone should make this a breeze, so it shouldn’t be as bad as it may look. Putting through trades takes me no time at all, so we shouldn’t run into any injuries.

OK, there is my update. Restarting the league tonight under same name, please look and sign up for the league after 10pm tonight.



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