Posted: November 15, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Hey all,

For those who know, I run the LOBNHL League which had a very successful run in NHL 13 and is now starting up again in NHL 14. It’s a league that is run pretty seriously and I do the best to maintain the integrity of that league at all times. It is for committed GM’s only, as it requires commitment from everyone to make it work.

LOBNHL Lite will serve as a “laid back league” where people can join, play and have fun, but it won’t be as controlled as LOBNHL is (which some may prefer.)

The basic rules are:

– Button push (schedule advance) happens once a week, on Monday nights.

– No trade rejections by the commish (unless it’s an obvious case of someone trading their entire team to someone else before quitting)

– No arguing, no fighting, no yelling

– No injuries turned on

– NHL salary cap is in place

– Waivers are in place

Basically it’s supposed to be a relaxed league where if you can’t play your games that week, don’t worry about it, we will just sim the game. If your opponent can’t play you that week? Don’t worry about it, just ask to play his computer or wait for the sim.

Obviously if someone plays no games at all, and people bring it to my attention, I will remove the person from the league. Playing some games should occur otherwise what’s the point of being in the league.

So if you’re looking for a relaxed league and a chance to have some fun playing NHL 14, sign up here:


If you have been waiting to get into the big leagues of LOBNHL, this is a good place to get started because replacement GM’s will most likely be taken from this league if anyone quits LOBNHL, should you so desire.

Good luck and have fun!


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