The Tomas Hertl Affair

Posted: November 14, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

So Tomas Hertl has become a high profile situation due to his jump in stats. When we started with the NHL 14 rosters he was a lowly 61OV prospect (3.5 stars? Maybe 4?) but then Hertl went and Hertl’d in the NHL and now all of a sudden he is a potential future franchise player at 80 ov, 4.5 star prospect. The question then becomes, does he remain Sharks property, as he went undrafted and now just resides on the Sharks roster, unloved and unwanted oh so many months ago?

My main line of thinking of this consists of the following:

– How do I deal with the situation so it is in line with the 50% league reset we did?

– How do I deal with this in a fair and consistent manner with the majority of League decisions that have been made?

– How do I make sure Clarkey is still dead to the world?

I have always maintained that I didn’t want a teams farm team to carry over completely with a team because that alone would be unfair as Florida and other high tier teams would all of a sudden have a huge edge over franchaises that had awful prospects. It seemed unfair to have someone saddled with a crap bag full of crappy prospects simply because EA was too lazy to do a complete randomization of the entire roster of an organization.

In that regards, I feel the Prospect Dispersal Draft did a good job of spreading the wealth around by at least ensuring that each team got a 4 star prospect, while at the same time taking away prospects from deeper teams who had a lot to give (they had multiple players taken from them in the Prospect Dispersal Draft), so in that regards, I feel enough has been done to ensure the prospect system in LOB has evened out somewhat.

The question then moves to the draft itself, in which several arguments could be put forward that Hertl would have been the number one pick in the draft, which would have changed a lot of decisions. So then do we make Hertl a free agent now? Do we simply have him assigned to a team randomly? Is it fair to just have Hertl appear on the Sharks roster?

In the end, I choose to leave Hertl on the Sharks roster. I do this because of the following two reasons (more point form, yay!)

– Everyone had a chance to draft Hertl, both in the Draft Pick lotto and the Dispersal Draft. Had someone chosen him, and then he jumped to 80 ov, I wouldn’t have given him back to the Sharks, so I probably shouldn’t do that here. Due to the fact the prospects themselves were evened out, I don’t feel the need to punish a team for getting lucky with one prospect. I drafted Nichuskin who wasn’t in the game yet not knowing what his OV would be and I lucked out and he was 77ov. Chicago drafted Trouba and he ended up 78 ov. Both of us drafted guys based on our hopes he would jump to a higher OV, so had someone read up on Hertl and taken a chance on him, they should be rewarded for it. The fact nobody did doesn’t mean I want to punish San Jose for that fact. Fact is, we all could have drafted Hertl and we didn’t.

– I don’t want to retroactively change things due to overall player ratings changing. We have already had several deaths in LOBNHL 14, as players going to Switzerland were swiftly executed in our league. Other players had their OV’s drop by a fair margin. Others had theirs jump by a large margin. If I make a decision right now based on a large OV jump or drop, then it means I would have requests coming in for other changes, and I would have to acknowledge them due to the precedent I had set.

So that being said, the Sharks keep Hertl and no other actions will be taken. The commish has spoken!


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