What we look for in a GM for #LOBNHL

Posted: September 10, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

OK, so it’s not often a spot opens up in LOBNHL, but when it does, it’s a huge pain for me. It’s a huge pain because it’s tough to know if a random stranger will fit in the league or not.

Believe me, this isn’t some elitist approach I am taking of trying to get people to prove why they should get to join the league, I do this purely to protect the spirit of the league. I want someone who will fit in, who will participate and who will not be a high maintenance asshole. This last one is very key for me.

So if you want in the league, here are the things you need to know:

– Many people in the league take this seriously. Not seriously in the “I WILL CUT YOUR THROAT IF YOU DON’T PLAY YOUR GAME WITH ME” but in a on twitter, talking trade, chatting about LOB all the time kind of way. People love building their teams in this league and we have a kind of brotherhood going on now. People play games other than NHL together now (We had a Tiger Woods group going for a while. Not a group that sleeps with tons of women but one that played the Woods golf game.) and we’ve met up and had a LOBUP and had drinks together. The community in the league has a very good feel to it. I want someone who will partake in that a bit and not just be a silent partner who only shows up to play his games and never talks to anyone

– Will there be fights? Of course there will be. 30 competitive dudes, you are bound to have arguments. All I ask is if you fight and get angry, get it out of your system and then move on. Don’t make anything personal. If some dude does something that pisses you off, fine, scream at him and have it out. Yell at him about his game playing abilities, his choice of team, the way he uses a certain player. DO NOT ever talk about someones kids or family or things of that nature. Don’t attack someone on a personal level. I used to let that slide in the past, but no more. If that happens, you will be suspended for two button pushes, then the next time it happens, you’re out of the league. So if you do want to play for us, please, let’s play like gentlemen and only scream at each other about video game shit, nothing personal.

– Getting NHL 14 up and running will require a lot of work. We are “carrying over” 10 players and a goalie from NHL 13, having a dispersal draft, and having a one round prospect draft. The dispersal draft and prospect draft will be done in a chat room, the old pen and paper style. Once all the players are selected, we then have to go into NHL 14 and make a TON of trades. There is no manual drafting in NHL 14, we can’t just go through the teams and assign players. This means we have to trade all of the players to everyone so we can get the players who we drafted on our teams. 30 teams trading 23+ players at times…. Yeah.  This will take a lot of work and require a lot of patience. If you don’t think you will be active enough for this, or if this is too much for you, then this league isn’t for you.

– We will have the salary cap turned off and be checking it manually. This means you need to be aware that the league salary cap for season one is 70$ million and you yourself have to monitor it and make sure you don’t go over it. Basically you need to be aware of your team salary and control it yourself, the computer won’t enforce anything. Penalties will be assessed for those who go over the cap.

– Glitches are for bitches. Please look at this for the style of gameplay I would want in LOB.


I generally won’t tell you how to play, but I would encourage you to avoid glitch goals (breakaways are free for alls, I don’t care about goals you score on those), and if you do utilize high percentage plays, at least mix it up a bit. Try and play realistic hockey. I know come playoffs everyone tightens up and runs to high percentage plays, so if that happens, yeah, just try not to be “That guy” who just runs the same play over and over and over again.

– Be nice to your fellow GM’s. If you’re killing a guy 8-0, ease off the throttle a bit.

– Try not to run a guy late. If he’s dished off the puck and then 3 seconds later you come barreling in, that’s a shitty move since injuries suck in NHL 14. You can do it, but be prepared to be yelled at.

– Having twitter is a must, that is how we organize games.

So yeah, this probably feels like a lot, and it’s a very heavy post, but we do have a ton of fun in this league. There is a reason spots rarely open up in this league, it’s because we all enjoy it a lot. If you think you are up for the challenge still, awesome, let me know. If you are not up for it, no worries, there are plenty of leagues out there that aren’t as crazy as ours!


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