NHL 14 – How to deal with the shit storm transition

Posted: September 6, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

So by having no roster imports, we have several problems on our hands. One is how do we select the other 10 players for our team (we will figure that out next week), and the other one is how to deal with getting our carry over players (and our newly drafted players) onto our teams.

Let’s assume we have our carry over players, then we do a draft for the remaining players. So everyone in the league now has 21 players on their roster, but they need to get them on their team. This means a ton of trading. A ton of it.

The problem we can run into is when the league generates the teams, it auto corrects teams to get them in line with the salary cap. Which means it might bump a players salary up to get a shitty team to the cap floor, leaving some contracts being pretty awful. Which means you could have some random 3rd liner making 4.5 million on your team. The major problem with this? You can’t hide contracts in the minors anymore. Anything over 900,000 counts against the cap. This could leave many teams with “untradeable” players that are draining their teams cap space, with nothing we can do about it.

So the option I am considering is turning  off the salary cap mechanism in game, and just policing it manually. How do we do this? We do it by setting a salary cap for the main team, and one for the minor team.  You can see by these screen shots how the game calculates contracts and where we would go to check on them for policing:

photo (2)


photo (3)


photo (4)

So I would suggest we have a 65 to 70 million cap for main rosters (so skater page + goalie page). I will decide on final cap number in next few days, some people are arguing we stick to 64.3 (for realism?) while I like more leeway since I don’t trust EA’s AI in contract demands. In my dealings with EA it’s always best to assume it will do something wrong. What if having the salary cap off means the AI starts asking for higher amounts of money? I just don’t know how well programmed EA is to trust that 64.3 number being taken into consideration by the games logic. The worst thing for our league would be to see a bunch of 80-82 ov guys just sitting on free agency because the cap got gimped up.

The farm is a different situation. In the NHL if you have a guy making over 900,000 on the farm, it hits your cap. Well, with the cap turned off, there is no easy reporting to monitor this. This would mean I would have to go through rosters and check all contracts above a certain amount and then do some math, which isn’t massive, but if you add 30 teams, it quickly becomes another 15-20 chore to my day which I don’t want to do.

What I suggest is:

Main Team Salary Cap: 70 million

Farm Team Cap: 22 million (currently no farm team has a cap above 20.5 million so this seems fair)

– No player making more than 1.5 million on the farm. This way I can zoom through the farm rosters to see if there is a guy higher than 1.5 and I will notice it right away. If a guy is 1.5 or higher, I will add it to to your main team salary cap.

I trust you guys at this point to not try and cheat and have a bloated roster, and I also trust everyone in the league to keep an eye out on the contracts page. This solution would allow us to get up and running without having “anchor” contracts around the league that kill off a teams cap against their will. It also gives us slightly more control of GM Connected mode, which is nice, since EA never ever gives us control.

So what do you think? What are the flaws of this system? Is there something you hate? Is there something you forsee being terrible if we use this system? Let me know!


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