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LOBNHL Prospect Draft

Posted: September 20, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Thank you all for attending, it was a fun night, but  it went quite long, which scares me about Sunday’s dispersal draft. This means several rules are going to be put in place.

-Each pick you get 1:30 seconds to make a pick. That’s it. No more, no less.

– Each person gets one, one minute time out

– No trading during the draft. If a guy is available that you want, DM a GM and convince him to do a handshake deal, but don’t talk trade in the chat room

– If you miss your pick you lose your pick for the round, I will not be “auto selecting” anyone for you. You will simply have to make up the draft pick at the end of the draft

– You need to fill out your roster, which should right now consist only of your carry over players, prospect draft picks don’t count. So at the end of the day you need to end up with 22 players on your team. 12 forwards, 6 d-men, 2 goalies, and two of whatever position you want.

– If you have 15 players on your team already due to pending deals, you will simply fill out your 22 players then stop drafting.

– Similarly if you have 8 players on your team or you miss a turn or you’ve traded a dispersal pick, you will draft after everyone is done to fill out your 22 guys

– All prospect picks who didn’t get selected will be free to pick

– Keep in mind your back up MUST play 10 games this year, so you shouldn’t just toss a 66 ov guy in nets

– If you pick a guy who was already drafted repeatedly and run out of time due to this, too bad. You WILL need to keep track of who goes where

– I reserve the right to as many time outs as I want, NOT FOR ME TO CHOOSE PLAYERS, but if I need to stop the draft and correct any mistakes or if I have missed any spots

– If you have made any trades before the draft for dispersal picks, please send me an e-mail

– Due to popular demand, you CAN go over the cap during this draft, but you WILL need to be compliant before a single game of LOB is played. Failure to do so will see a cap penalty and perhaps a player suspension.


I will add more things if they come to me but for now that is it.


As for the draft? Here are the results!

Florida (Traded for the pick just before Carolina walked up to the podium): Drouin

Islanders: Seth Jones

Buffalo: Hampus Lindholm

Chicago: Barkov

New Jersey: Morgan Reilly

Chicago: H Shinkaruk

Buffalo: Val Nichushkin

Washington: Faksa

Tampa Bay: Kucherov

Calgary: Griffin Reinhart

LA: Cody Ceci

Detroit: Boone Jenner

Nashville: Oleksiak

New York Rags: Darnell Nurse

Minnesota: F Forsberg

Ottawa: Ryan Strome

Tampa Bay: Brock Nelson

Boston: Mantha

Chicago: Jacob Trouba

Florida: Jack Campbell

Vancouver: Derek Pouliot

Colorado: Jarred Tinordi

Dallas: Tyler Biggs

Columbus: Girgensens

Toronto: Quinton Howden

San Jose: Palat

New Jersey: Matteau

Philadelphia: Joe Morrow

Pittsburgh: Jake Allen

Edmonton: Austin Watson



Draft prospects update

Posted: September 17, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized


So six names have been added to the possible draft choices:

Valerie Nichuskin

Jacob Trouba

MIchael McCarron

Tomas Hertl

Teuvo Teravainen

Jordan Schmaltz



These are players that might make an impact in the NHL in the next few years but are either not in the game or are not a 4 star yellow prospect. You can choose anyone of them, but keep in mind for players like Nichuskin and Trouba, who are on the verge of possibly making the NHL (but aren’t in the game yet) that they come with risks.

Should Nichuskin and Trouba not make their NHL teams, you will not get to use them in NHL 14 and will have to wait until NHL 15 to use them.

Should Nichuskin and Trouba make their teams, they will be in an EA roster update, but that might not be in time for the roster we use when starting the league, so you might not get to use them until NHL 15.

So, just things to keep in mind if you want to try and draft one of these guys.



What we look for in a GM for #LOBNHL

Posted: September 10, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

OK, so it’s not often a spot opens up in LOBNHL, but when it does, it’s a huge pain for me. It’s a huge pain because it’s tough to know if a random stranger will fit in the league or not.

Believe me, this isn’t some elitist approach I am taking of trying to get people to prove why they should get to join the league, I do this purely to protect the spirit of the league. I want someone who will fit in, who will participate and who will not be a high maintenance asshole. This last one is very key for me.

So if you want in the league, here are the things you need to know:

– Many people in the league take this seriously. Not seriously in the “I WILL CUT YOUR THROAT IF YOU DON’T PLAY YOUR GAME WITH ME” but in a on twitter, talking trade, chatting about LOB all the time kind of way. People love building their teams in this league and we have a kind of brotherhood going on now. People play games other than NHL together now (We had a Tiger Woods group going for a while. Not a group that sleeps with tons of women but one that played the Woods golf game.) and we’ve met up and had a LOBUP and had drinks together. The community in the league has a very good feel to it. I want someone who will partake in that a bit and not just be a silent partner who only shows up to play his games and never talks to anyone

– Will there be fights? Of course there will be. 30 competitive dudes, you are bound to have arguments. All I ask is if you fight and get angry, get it out of your system and then move on. Don’t make anything personal. If some dude does something that pisses you off, fine, scream at him and have it out. Yell at him about his game playing abilities, his choice of team, the way he uses a certain player. DO NOT ever talk about someones kids or family or things of that nature. Don’t attack someone on a personal level. I used to let that slide in the past, but no more. If that happens, you will be suspended for two button pushes, then the next time it happens, you’re out of the league. So if you do want to play for us, please, let’s play like gentlemen and only scream at each other about video game shit, nothing personal.

– Getting NHL 14 up and running will require a lot of work. We are “carrying over” 10 players and a goalie from NHL 13, having a dispersal draft, and having a one round prospect draft. The dispersal draft and prospect draft will be done in a chat room, the old pen and paper style. Once all the players are selected, we then have to go into NHL 14 and make a TON of trades. There is no manual drafting in NHL 14, we can’t just go through the teams and assign players. This means we have to trade all of the players to everyone so we can get the players who we drafted on our teams. 30 teams trading 23+ players at times…. Yeah.  This will take a lot of work and require a lot of patience. If you don’t think you will be active enough for this, or if this is too much for you, then this league isn’t for you.

– We will have the salary cap turned off and be checking it manually. This means you need to be aware that the league salary cap for season one is 70$ million and you yourself have to monitor it and make sure you don’t go over it. Basically you need to be aware of your team salary and control it yourself, the computer won’t enforce anything. Penalties will be assessed for those who go over the cap.

– Glitches are for bitches. Please look at this for the style of gameplay I would want in LOB.

I generally won’t tell you how to play, but I would encourage you to avoid glitch goals (breakaways are free for alls, I don’t care about goals you score on those), and if you do utilize high percentage plays, at least mix it up a bit. Try and play realistic hockey. I know come playoffs everyone tightens up and runs to high percentage plays, so if that happens, yeah, just try not to be “That guy” who just runs the same play over and over and over again.

– Be nice to your fellow GM’s. If you’re killing a guy 8-0, ease off the throttle a bit.

– Try not to run a guy late. If he’s dished off the puck and then 3 seconds later you come barreling in, that’s a shitty move since injuries suck in NHL 14. You can do it, but be prepared to be yelled at.

– Having twitter is a must, that is how we organize games.

So yeah, this probably feels like a lot, and it’s a very heavy post, but we do have a ton of fun in this league. There is a reason spots rarely open up in this league, it’s because we all enjoy it a lot. If you think you are up for the challenge still, awesome, let me know. If you are not up for it, no worries, there are plenty of leagues out there that aren’t as crazy as ours!

NHL 14 – How to deal with the shit storm transition

Posted: September 6, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

So by having no roster imports, we have several problems on our hands. One is how do we select the other 10 players for our team (we will figure that out next week), and the other one is how to deal with getting our carry over players (and our newly drafted players) onto our teams.

Let’s assume we have our carry over players, then we do a draft for the remaining players. So everyone in the league now has 21 players on their roster, but they need to get them on their team. This means a ton of trading. A ton of it.

The problem we can run into is when the league generates the teams, it auto corrects teams to get them in line with the salary cap. Which means it might bump a players salary up to get a shitty team to the cap floor, leaving some contracts being pretty awful. Which means you could have some random 3rd liner making 4.5 million on your team. The major problem with this? You can’t hide contracts in the minors anymore. Anything over 900,000 counts against the cap. This could leave many teams with “untradeable” players that are draining their teams cap space, with nothing we can do about it.

So the option I am considering is turning  off the salary cap mechanism in game, and just policing it manually. How do we do this? We do it by setting a salary cap for the main team, and one for the minor team.  You can see by these screen shots how the game calculates contracts and where we would go to check on them for policing:

photo (2)


photo (3)


photo (4)

So I would suggest we have a 65 to 70 million cap for main rosters (so skater page + goalie page). I will decide on final cap number in next few days, some people are arguing we stick to 64.3 (for realism?) while I like more leeway since I don’t trust EA’s AI in contract demands. In my dealings with EA it’s always best to assume it will do something wrong. What if having the salary cap off means the AI starts asking for higher amounts of money? I just don’t know how well programmed EA is to trust that 64.3 number being taken into consideration by the games logic. The worst thing for our league would be to see a bunch of 80-82 ov guys just sitting on free agency because the cap got gimped up.

The farm is a different situation. In the NHL if you have a guy making over 900,000 on the farm, it hits your cap. Well, with the cap turned off, there is no easy reporting to monitor this. This would mean I would have to go through rosters and check all contracts above a certain amount and then do some math, which isn’t massive, but if you add 30 teams, it quickly becomes another 15-20 chore to my day which I don’t want to do.

What I suggest is:

Main Team Salary Cap: 70 million

Farm Team Cap: 22 million (currently no farm team has a cap above 20.5 million so this seems fair)

– No player making more than 1.5 million on the farm. This way I can zoom through the farm rosters to see if there is a guy higher than 1.5 and I will notice it right away. If a guy is 1.5 or higher, I will add it to to your main team salary cap.

I trust you guys at this point to not try and cheat and have a bloated roster, and I also trust everyone in the league to keep an eye out on the contracts page. This solution would allow us to get up and running without having “anchor” contracts around the league that kill off a teams cap against their will. It also gives us slightly more control of GM Connected mode, which is nice, since EA never ever gives us control.

So what do you think? What are the flaws of this system? Is there something you hate? Is there something you forsee being terrible if we use this system? Let me know!