New rules for NHL ’14

Posted: August 29, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Just to get some of these down in writing so we all know what we’re facing moving forward. There were a lot of things we learned about in NHL ’13, so using that knowledge, here are some rules that should help make the league run fairly and smoothly in NHL 14.

– We will assume that we cannot carry rosters over to NHL ’15. So that being said, the same rule will be in effect, you can move 10 players + a goalie over to NHL ’15, so keep that in mind when making trades

– Any player that retires cannot be carried over from ’14 to ’15. If he retires in our league but is still playing in NHL 15, he simply becomes a part of the free agent pool. Trading for an older player should have the risk of retiring go with it. No more zombie players.

– Waivers will go back on, but please talk to the GM before you put in a claim. God knows how good EA’s AI will be next year, it still might screw up rosters due to injuries. That being said, be honest about a waiver claim, don’t lie if you did it on purpose or if you ran out of room because of your own salary cap mistakes. I don’t think this will be a massive issue in NHL 14 due to salary counting in the minors above a certain price point (850,000?) but just for the record, ask before you claim. Make it through a private message if you don’t want anyone else in the league to notice someone on the waivers if you think you’re being super sneaky by grabbing someone everyone missed.

– As of this point, there is no team switching for NHL ’14. That can be tabled later but for now I would think I would do a random draw again for teams rather than place people in specific conferences. Random is better than people lining up to play certain people.

– If you think you will not be getting NHL ’14 can you please let me know now so I can find a replacement?

– We won’t know how the rest of the rosters will be distributed in NHL 14 yet. Due to auto draft being our only option I have to decide between random rosters + trade for our 10 guys back vs real NHL rosters + trade for guys back. Either way, the first couple of weeks will probably be god awful, so prepare yourself (WHY WONT THEY GIVE ME CONTROL OF ROSTERS. FUCK.)

If you have any other questions or idea please comment on here or at me on twitter!




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