The “Colorado” Style

Posted: July 22, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

So there has been some growing discontent that seems to be gaining momentum in LOBNHL, which is based on the way people play the game. It started last season and has built up steam to where people are now just angrily tweeting about what they view as a “BS” way to play the game. The style in question is Colorado’s soft rebounds for goals style.

Let’s all agree we all know the high percentage plays. They are:

– Toe drags

– Breakaways

– Low shot from wing for rebound

– Shots up high and in close (goalie cheats, leaves room up top)

– Cutting across middle, shooting top corner other way

To a lesser extent

– Feeding the puck to a d-man shooting with an inside handed stick for a one timer


I have done every single one of these (even the dreaded toe drag, I accidentally did one against Tampa in the playoffs, but I pulled my goalie to even it up, don’t worry) strategies. They are high percentage plays and 80% of the time you face an opponent who uses high percentage plays against you. It becomes a “if you can’t beat them join them” mentality to be honest. It’s not the greatest way to play, but I can’t really enforce people to play “real hockey”.

For the record, I do have to say Dave is the most fun to play against because he plays the most like real hockey. So kudos to Dave for that.

That being said, I have two thoughts on the “Colorado” way of playing. On one hand, I find the idea of using the low rebound shot fine, because like everything in the game (toe drags unnaturally high success rate is why it’s banned, even if you defend it well), everything can be reasonably defended against.

Take my series against the Flyers this year. I used that to generate some goals, then he started covering down low, and that play no longer worked at a high rate, despite his claims that “it works every time.” He then went on to beat Colorado, the king of this play, despite the idea that “it works every time.” Is it annoying to people? Sure. But it can be defended.

The Flyers using high speed players to generate breakaways to score an easy goal is no different to me then using any of the high percentage plays. It’s sanctimonious to pretend your preferred style of scoring on high percentage plays is somehow morally better than another persons. So on that hand, I find it disheartening to see people attacking people for using a play they themselves might not use.

THAT BEING SAID, I also don’t like it when players only do one style of play, the entire game. So I can understand if a team is frustrated if some dude just tries one thing over and over and over again. That is a boring way to play, that is a tedious way to play, and that makes for very boring games. If you at least mix up your high percentage plays, at least the game has more variety, and the game flows better. Sure you can defend a certain play if a guy uses it over and over again, but I can understand how that isn’t really a fun way to play.

The problem is of course I can’t tell people how to play the game. There is a reason I rarely blow out my opponents because when I have a lead, I rarely try high percentage plays, I try and do hockey plays, because at least it’s more fun that way. Others might not follow suit and a lot of times people just play to win. If I kicked people out for playing a certain way because someone complained about they played, 50% of you would be kicked out of the league (I have a laundry list of complaints over the last two seasons.)

My end point to all of this is that I hope people mix it up a bit and try using a variety of strategies in a game, and try and have fun with it. I won’t be kicking any GM’s, so try and respect your fellow GM’s a bit more on twitter if you could, screaming about their “BS” won’t do much except create needless tension. There is no way to police a league to the point of making sure people play a certain style all the time, so just try and have fun.

Mix it up! Have some fun. Do what you can to enjoy our last season of NHL 13 boys!

*toe drags out of post*



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