Oh look, another firing, Minnesota is done

Posted: April 26, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized


OK, so this is getting tiring. I feel like I am FDR having some fireside chats with the nation every night.

First, let’s get the evidence out of the way:


So yeah, that’s a toe drag. That’s illegal.

Now onto the reasoning for the firing:

Again, maybe you’ll skip this and won’t care, but for those who are curious why I kicked another GM, I might as well explain.

First, I don’t enjoy kicking people. I really don’t. I don’t get some weird Vince McMahon boner of ecstasy every time I kick someone. I’d much rather people get along and solve their differences amicably, and for the most part, you guys do that.

However, there are two places I will kick somebody, lack of respect for the league and its members, and glitch goal toe dragging.

Clarkey, was kicked for lack of respecting the league.

Dickie, is also being kicked for not respecting the league.

In many cases I would have warned Dickie, said “one more toe drag and you’re out” because I always like to give second chances. However, Dickie not only acted poorly against Clarkey in the last two weeks, he also toe dragged the night after the entire Clarkey firing went down.

This to me boggles my mind. You sit back, you watch another GM get into a huge fight over toe drags, and then that very night, you decide to bust out a toe drag? That shows a lack of respect, or a lack of caring. If it’s a lack of respect, goodbye, if it’s a lack of caring, then you probably don’t give a shit if you’re in the league or not.

So that is why I am firing Minnie with no second chance. This is a league, one that was supposed to be fun, and if you go out of your way to be tedious to the league (delaying games for no reason, taking chirping too far), then you will be warned. If you glitch goal, you will be warned once, then tossed if it happens again. (If someone toe drags you, take a video of it. If I have evidence, I will act on it, if I don’t, I won’t be able to do much.)

Simple rule, don’t toe drag. Also, and this isn’t an official rule, but try not to run people from behind on icings all game long? No point of that, try and play with some class if you can.

On top of all of this, however, if you have any questions, or concerns, just DM me or e-mail me. Talk to me like a man. Just straight up explain yourself. I am tired of all the little lies people have spouted on twitter when they get caught doing stuff. We are not in grade two here, just own up to what you’ve done. I guarantee you if you own up to what you’ve done, you’ll be far better off.

Let’s get this league back to being fun, ok? Let’s try and get through one day without a firing? Yes?

Questions, concerns, you know where to find me.




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