State of the League

Posted: April 16, 2013 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized


Hey all,

On the heels of the Montreal vs Phoenix football game (14-2) that occurred tonight, I guess it’s time I talk directly about the elephant in the room, that being Phoenix.

Now, when I started this league, I wanted one thing, I wanted it to be fun. This was why in the first league e-mail I sent, I talked about no cheap goals, respecting your fellow GM’s, and most of all, having a good time. I wanted nothing more than a league where people could sit back, get invested in, and have a fun (if aggravating at times) game of hockey with a tight knit group of people.

Do we have arguments? Of course we do. Bros and video games will always lead to arguments. At the end of the day, most people are able to still get their enjoyment out of the league, whether it being DERPED, CLARKED or whatever other hashtag we have going.

This brings us to Phoenix, who is without a doubt the best player in the league, in my humble opinion. To the point where he is a level above everyone in the league.

Now, this is interesting territory. On one hand, you never want to kick someone because they are good. On the other hand, you want the league to remain fun. And this is the balance I have been fighting since the league started, where there is one guy who is leagues ahead of everyone (top 3 in scoring currently, 70 points, 41 points, 41 points, next person has 30 points) who is making the league just not very fun for many people. I have had countless DM’s about this subject and each time I said “no no, let’s just let it go.”

But now it’s gotten to the point where I have to realize my initial credo which was this league should be fun. Right now, a majority of the league is not enjoying themselves, which makes this league kind of shitty.

I could sit back and go my usual route of not getting too involved, but I want people to enjoy themselves, and I know a talent gap when I see one. I think everyone who has played Phoenix knows when he “turns it on” vs when he mails it in. We’ve all gamed a long time, we know when someone is being casual. There is losing a game, and then there is watching someone run circles around you.

That being said, Phoenix, he is an awesome player. Really good at NHL. He is also a genuinely nice guy on twitter and offered to step down in the off-season, but I said no. At this point though I just think the league needs to be balanced a bit better. God knows, leagues fall apart all the time, and who knows how long this one will even last, so I don’t want four seasons of a talent gap and then that’s it. You can choose to believe this or not, but if I ran the table on the league, I would step down the next season. For me the league is more important than one team, as cheesy as that sounds.

If you have a problem with this, by all means, quit in solidarity. I don’t say that in a cocky manner, I just say it in a “if you need to make a stand over it, then that’s your call.” I just want the fighting to stop and for the league to be fun again. If nobody else complained, I would have kept Phoenix on. I know he makes me learn how to play better because he is so good, but I also know that many teams just can’t keep up at all and repeatedly losing with no hope gets them down, and I understand their side of things.

I know it’s a tricky line of  “well do we fire everyone who wins??”, but this is just a call I am going to make, and I am making it. Could I be dead wrong? Of course. Maybe after 5  years of Calgary winning it every year, people can call me out for being a moron, but it’s the call I am going to make. It could hurt the league, it could ruin interest in the league, but it’s my call, and I am making it.

So by all means, feel free to weigh in on this and yell at me or what have you. None of this is done with malice. Phoenix’s name is engraved on a Cup, I am pretty sure that’s about the height of video game awesomeness  so at least he went out on top and will always be a legend in the league.

For those that care, as sad as this sounds, this was a really really hard decision for me. I hated making it, but in the end I just went with the idea of making the league fun for as many people as possible.  I really really truly dislike getting involved in day to day matters of the league, and I don’t envision this happening often, if ever again, so hopefully the league can move forward and have a couple more fun seasons.



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