LA Kings GM Interview by LOBB INSIDER! [Xbox]

Posted: September 19, 2012 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized


Due to my massive amounts of connections, I was able to chat with LA Kings GM Bobak about his season, his roster, and his upcoming plans for the team. And for those wondering, I didn’t send any softballs his way, I took this shit to the extreme. I grilled him on all the questions you’d expect me to ask, so if you’re looking for your hardcore hockey fix, I’ve got you covered. #WOW #CONFIRMED



LOBB:  I have attained your e-mail address through my massive connections. This is all off the record, don’t worry, you can tell me anything. So, I have some questions for you. First question. Jonathan Tavares is on your roster. Does it hurt knowing you have the lesser Johnny T. of the league?

Bobak: We don’t need anyone serious our motto is to have fun and repeat as champions. Anyone who can stand the Islanders for that long must be an entertaining guy,

LOBB: Next question. When are you going to cut Palushaj from your team? What kind of name is that? It sounds like something someone would spell when they are trying to fudge their way through a Scrabble game. “Palushaj is too a word! Like, “I can’t believe the palushaj on that guy.'”

Bobak: I’m just hoping someone will start a blog based on him.  Maybe after he piggy backs on someone half way down the ice.

LOBB: I see you also have a B. Kane on your team. Is it your thing to pick up shitty versions of star players? Does B. Kane beat up bus drivers instead of taxi drivers, in order to show his inferiority to Patrick Kane?

Bobak: Well it’s all about picking up younger siblings of guys to convince the others to come sign here.
… Is he related to Patrick?

LOBB: Do you have any rivals in the league yet? Any GM’s you just want to rip their heads off?

Bobak: How can you be mad when you’re cup champions in sunny southern California?
I mean seriously. Snow? Ice? who wants that?!  (though that guy from Montreal really
grinds my gears.  Learned from me and people now say he has a better team)

LOBB: Do you think I could pull of white thigh highs? If I lost 10 pounds of course. DONT JUDGE ME.

Bobal: No Comment.

LOBB: Seriously, Drew Miller? I think you might have a fetish with these fake star player guys.

Bobak: I definitely have the sibling thing right this time.

LOBB: S. Harper, is that Stephen Harper on your team? If so, do you get any tax breaks due to his presence on your team? If not, do you sometimes wish you could cut him from the team for disappointing you?

Bobak: No Comment.

LOBB: B Nash is on your team too?? Seriously…..

Bobak: That one isn’t sibling related I agreed to give him  a 2 way deal in
exchange for some krispy kreme.

LOBB: Is Ray Emery allowed near the cocaine at the after parties or does it get awkward when he approaches the pile?

Bobak: It’s pretty much awkward whenever he does anything. Don’t tell him I said that.

LOBB: What would be a successful season in your mind?

Bobak: If I finally win a “jersey off their backs” this year.  Guy to my left.  Guy to my right.  Has to be me sooner or later right?!

LOBB: Who you looking to trade from the team? This is my bread and butter, DONT SCREW THIS UP.

Bobak: Well we’ve already moved Bouwmeester so we can make Stajan expendable. Frolik is probably on his way out too.  We are looking to upgrade up front and upgrade in goal.  There may be a fire sale come trade deadline.  I’ve had some questions about a few guys like Dana Tyrell. Probably someone from our bottom two pairing D as well since we have some free agents we are looking at.  I can’t name too many but a few we are asking to stay away from Finnish snakes and it may be the rise of the Roman empire in LA soon!

LOBB: Thank you for your time.


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