GM one-on-one: BUF [PS3]

Posted: September 19, 2012 by Phuong Pham in Uncategorized

I had the pleasure of interviewing GM Brad from Buffalo. It was a much, MUCH more comfortable interview than the one I had yesterday with a certain GM. I was a little disappointed that GM Brad had not turned his entire stadium into a palace of gold, like a certain other GM I know. Anyways, here’s the interview.

“Introduce yourself, who are you and what qualifies you to be a general manager in the NHL?”

Thanks for allowing this opportunity to discuss my current promotion to General Manager. Brad Knight here, played hockey my whole life… street hockey as a child, BWC for minor hockey.. all the way up to junior. I’ve been following hockey my whole life and never miss a game. I’ve coached at minor hockey level as well. From player to coach, I understand different sides of the game. I surround myself with smart people and give everything I have.

“What was your reaction to being award the Buffalo franchise?”

I was thrilled, new ownership has allowed this team to spend the money it needs to compete with the best. I believe this team has the ability to be a dynasty.
“What do you expect out of this season? Are you trying to win the Cup this year?”

The team is young, so young in fact that it is one of the youngest average age of any team in this league. Led by a steller goaltending duo of Neuvirth and Leclaire. A young all-star in Couture at center. This teams goal is to work hard, finish in a playoff position and gain much needed playoff experience. Patrick Sharp adds a Stanley Cup ring and experience to the line up and hopefully he can add a calming presence to this team.
“Are there any areas you’d like to improve your team?”

I feel our Defensive core is a little thin, a very strong top 3 with a fairly inexperienced bottom 3. We will look at different options throughout the season and see whats available. Edler is a very solid defenseman who has all the tools to be a Norris candidate.

“Alright, enough formalities, let’s get into the real important stuff. Are you for or against knobs and are you a big knob or little?”

If you are referring to Burke, I can’t stand him. On sticks, I’ve always been a fan of little knobs, adds just the right amount of comfort.

“Are there any players on your team whose names you just can’t pronounce?”

Klesla always gives me trouble, and Rostislav doesn’t help either. I avoid eye contact with him at all times.

“Be honest, how many of your prospects did you even know about before you were awarded the Buffalo franchise?”

I knew some, still learning about some of the later picks. But overall this team has a good foundation in place. Looking forward to a bright future.

“Have you thought about changing the Buffalo logo? Will you be going back to the ug-slug?”

The logo will stay for now, if ownership is looking for a quick money grab in merchandise we may consider a new 3rd jersey logo. Ill keep the ug-slug in mind.. HA!

“Are you for or against sexual intercourse the night before a game?”

I’m not for or against any sexual activities the night before a game. Whatever the players decide to do in the hotel rooms is their own choice, Gomez and Couture room together, you will have to ask them.

“How often are you yelling at the refs from your press box?”

Every second I get, to avoid any fines, thats as far as I will go though regarding the refs.

“Lastly, what are your thoughts on Scott Gomez not scoring a goal for a year?”

He’s always been more of a playmaker, every player goes through a rough patch. He is a true professional and will have a huge bounce back season this year. I expect a highly motivated Scott this year and will be given every opportunity to prove the critics wrong. A lot of pressure on the guy. Gotta feel for him.

“Thanks for your time and it was great getting to know you a little bit more.”


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