Finding the Panthers Roar: Training Camp [PS3]

Posted: September 19, 2012 by Phuong Pham in Uncategorized

“Finding the Panthers Roar” will be an ongoing series following the Florida Panthers as they try to go from crappy basement team to not so crappy basement team to mediocre bubble team. I can see it now, this is going to be TONS of fun. The idea was originally pitched to me by GM Artie over beers last night. I assumed it was just drunken suggestion like “Let’s open a bar together” or “We should totally pick up some chubbies tonight” but I quickly realized this morning when GM Artie had written the idea with blood on my washroom mirror that he was serious. You don’t say no to a guy who does that, you just don’t. I’m still wondering where he got the blood.

September 13, 2012

9:15 AM

Training camp was scheduled to start 15 minutes ago but I don’t see any players on the ice or in the locker room. This is probably why they are the worst team in the league.

11:45 AM

The first Panthers player on ice is P.K Subban, 2 hours and 45 minutes late. I asked P.K why the delay, a jittery Subban informed me that GM Artie has mandated that all players drink a flat of Red Bull before heading onto the ice.

12:10 PM

The entire Panthers roster is now on the ice and each player is vibrating so quickly they are melting the ice beneath their skates. #WOW

2:00 PM

The on-ice session has ended, the team is now being asked to continue with some off-ice workouts that involved drinking more Red Bull. I caught up with Abdelkader and asked him what he thought of this new training method.

“Well … uh … it’s different … uh … never gone through a training session like this … uh … but I have tons of energy … uh … and for a guy like me, in my role … uh … energy is a big thing.”

4:00 PM

The day is winding to an end, about a quarter of the players are taking naps on the ice in their gear and another quarter are sleeping in the hallways. I’m floored by what I’ve seen today. I really don’t know how to explain any of the things I saw today or if any of it has any impact on how these hockey players develop. I did see a lot of players come to the rink in flip flops and shorts, so that’s nice.

Be sure to check back next week for more updates on the Florida Panthers.


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