This is just getting silly [PS3]

Posted: September 18, 2012 by Phuong Pham in Uncategorized

Do the Flyers know they don’t have to make a trade every day?

GM Pham #CONFIRMED he has completed 2 more trades in principle today. One with Calgary and another with Vancouver.

To Calgary:

Victor Hedman 85 OV
Nikita Nikitin 74 OV
Alexander Burmistrov 77 OV

To Philadelphia:

Tobias Enstrom 82 OV
Cam Barker 81 OV
Mikhail Grabrovski 82 OV
Max Reinhart 67 OV

There’s a few big names on the move here, Calgary receives the best player of the deal, Victor Hedman and it’s believed he will be paired on the blueline with Shea Weber, creating arguably the leagues best D pairing. Calgary also gets younger in acquiring Nikitin and Burmistrov, two players that can fill a role immediately and contribute more in the future. GM Chris had this to say about the deal.

“To get a player of Hedman’s caliber we were forced to give up some good players but we also got good players in return. Hedman and Weber will patrol our blueline for a very long time together and both will be the cornerstone of our team. We fully expect Burmistrov to fight for the 2nd line job with Jokinen and Savard. Overall, we feel we’ve added more to our team than taken away. I’m very pleased with this deal.”

On the flip side, Philadelphia loses their best defender but add 2 capable top 4 D-men in Barker and Enstrom. The acquisition of these two help round out Philly’s top 4 and puts Orlov into a 3rd pairing role with some power play time. They also get faster on the backend, previous a huge issue for GM Pham. Philly also acquires a true second line center in Grabrovski, pushing Johansson back to his familiar 3rd line role and shift Couturier to the wing on the second line. The last player in this deal is Max Reinhart, a member of the prestigious Reinhart family. He’s about 2 to 3 seasons away from making the line up, but is expect to be a reliable 3rd line shutdown guy in the future. GM Pham had this to say about the deal.

“You’ve interviewed me 3 days in a row, what more do you need to know? We’re looking to improve and we did. Now go away.”

He was a bit snippy to say the least.

To Vancouver:

Daniel Winnik 77 OV
Minnesota’s 3rd round pick in 2013

To Philadelphia:

Brendan Gaunce 57 OV
Chris Kreider 68 OV

This is an interesting hockey deal for both teams. Vancouver gets a solid third line winger and some much needed depth on left wing to help the team win now. While Philadelphia restocks for the future. Gaunce projects to be a reliable third line center with some offensive upside and Kreider projects to be a speedy, 2nd line power forward. Gaunce is at least 3 – 4 seasons away from making the team and will have to compete with recent acquisition, Max Reinhart for a spot on the team. Kreider on the other hand has a much easier path to the NHL, he doesn’t have a whole lot of competition on the left wing. Only Cammalleri is a natural winger, while Couturier will eventually moved back into the middle. We reached out to both GM’s for comments.

“We needed left wing depth and want to win now.” – GM Shaelon

“Re-use the quote from earlier today.” – GM Pham

Say what you will about Pham’s wheeling and dealing, he’s somehow managed to move all his players to the West and improved his team significantly with each trade. *slow clap*

Again, both trades are in principle and will not take effect until next week.

[UPDATE] GM Pham has completed his third trade of the day.

To Boston:

Marcus Johansson 80 OV

To Philadelphia:

Matt Read 78 OV

-Lobbierr Insiderr

  1. clarkey014 says:

    wow, Vancouver got FLEECED in that deal

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