Flyers making a statement [PS3]

Posted: September 16, 2012 by Phuong Pham in Uncategorized


Flyers make a second blockbuster deal in as many days!


Dmitri Orlov 76 OV
Sean Couturier 77 OV
Mattias Tedenby 73 OV
Marek Tvrdon 58 OV
David Leneveu 70 OV


Gustav Nyquist 75 OV
Anders Lindback 78 OV
David Rundblad 76 OV
2nd rd pick in 2014

Let’s talk about this deal. Orlov and Rundblad are almost identical players, Orlov is a year younger with a few more games of NHL experience than Rundblad and Leneveu was nothing more than a throw in to meet league regulations. This deal really comes down to Couturier, Tedenby and Tvrdon for Nyquist and Lindback. Detroit giving up Couturier is a huge gamble, he’s a kid that has amazing upside and in the worst possible situation because Jordan Staal 2.0, Tvrdon was a former 4th round pick and it’s too early to gauge where he will be. Lastly you have Detroit giving up Tedenby, Tedenby has been struggling to make it to the NHL for the last few years and seems to be on the cusp of becoming a full timer. On the flip side, Philly has giving up their best goalie prospect in Lindback and now leaves the club relatively weak. If Rinne ever goes down to an injury, they only have Curtis McElhinney to fall back on. They also give up a prospect on the rise in Nyquist, who will contribute immediately to his new club. We had both GMs come into the office and give their comments.

“We are happy with our new Swedish acquisition. We have sent Sidney Crosby to Ikea as we speak to buy a welcome gift. We are sad to let Couturier go. He will be a great player. Linemate and friend Brayden Schenn has been seen crying uncontrollable hugging a teddy bear but we feel it won’t hinder his game going forward.” – GM Ryan

“I kind of feel bad, like I robbed an old lady in a dark alley. I was able to grab a highly coveted center in Couturier and some good players in Tvrdon, Tedenby and Orlov. I knew going into this negotiation, GM Ryan was looking for some contract dumps so he could go after some free agents. Leneveau is definitely a dump, we have no plans to play him at all, we will wait for his contract to expire and let him walk.

Orlov and Rundblad are very alike but I like that Orlov is younger and has more experience, I fully expect Orlov to slot into the 2nd pairing with Gorges, I hope they are better than Gorges and Rundblad were together. While Tedenby was not our first option as a right winger, he will fit in on the 4th line or be sent down to continue his development this year.  Giving up Nyquist was a difficult thing to do but after looking at the players coming in from this trade and our other trade, he would have been forced to play in the minors or the 4th line. I didn’t feel it was fair to stunt his development like that so I felt it was best for his development to move him. We plan to take things slowly with Tvrdon and let him develop into a scoring winger, he still has a long way to go before he makes our lineup. I’m thinking like 3 or 4 years. The most important player in the deal for me was Couturier. We had a hole at 3C after trading away Turris, Couts will come in and fill that hole for us. he’ll be used primary in that role and as our top penalty killer. We have extremely high expectations for him. I expect him to be better than Jordan Staal in a few years. Again, I feel we got the best players in the deal and all we had to give up was our best goalie prospect, our top winger prospect and our top defensive prospect.” – GM Pham

GM Ryan was seen firing a nerf gun in GM Pham’s direction shortly after his statement. The status of GM Pham’s health is unknown at this time.

This blockbuster trade will be completed in two separate trades to in an attempt to ‘loophole’ the league rules.

Trade 1:

To PHI: Sean Couturier, Mattias Tedenby, David Leneveau and Dmitri Orlov

To DET: Anders Lindback, Gustav Nyquist and David Rundblad

Trade 2:

To PHI: Marek Tvrdon

To DET: 2nd round pick in 2014

This trade is currently being processed by the league.

-Lobbier Insiderr


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