Breaking Trades [Xbox]

Posted: September 15, 2012 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

We can now confirm that two huge blockbuster deals have gone down in the Legion of Blog today. The first deal, which was rumored earlier, is now CONFIRMED.

To Vancouver:

TJ Oshie 84 OV

Marcus Johansson 80 OV

To Buffalo

Cody Godson 78 OV

Gabriel Landeskog 82 OV

This deal was obviously done with Cody Godson in mind for Wyatt’s Sabres, although it came at a heft price. Wyatt lost the two better players in the deal, but the young 19 year old Landeskog has the highest potential of all four players, and could end up swaying the deal in his teams favor down the line. “We will miss TJ Oshie’s physicality in the lineup, but that’s the price you have have to pay in order to get a future captain on your team. We can’t wait to give Gabe the “C” so he can put it on Cody’s jersey for him. Congratulations are in order for our new Captain, Cody Hodgson! In closing, RJ Umberger sucks.” stated Wyatt.

As for the other deal, the Calgary Flames dropped salary and got a heck of a lot younger, as they dealt two veterans for a young up and coming superstar.

To Calgary:

Max Pacioretty 84 OV

To Columbus

Alex Tanguay 83 OV

Kristen Huselius 80 OV

This is deal is so Columbus can start winning now. They don’t lose a lot right now in going from Patches to Tanguay, and they add Huselius to the lineup as well. Long term, this deal has to be a huge win for the Flames. They get a 23 year old stud in Pacioretty, and as long as he avoids stanchions, he should have a long successful career in Calgary. “I still hate this city.” Dave told the assorted press. “Also, bloggers need to wear pants. I hate bloggers. Wait, what am I saying? Christ, Jay Feaster syndrome is hitting me sooner that I thought it would….”

For his part, Cole was excited to be making trades, any kind of trades. “Columbus is a terrible team. Anything I do at this point is an improvement. I could trade for a cup of coffee and that coffee would probably start on my powerplay. I think I need to hire Alain Vigneault to coach this team.”

More rumors as we hear them!

– Lobb Insiderr


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