Xbox League drafts teams; League Commissioner Wyatt awaits backlash [Xbox]

Posted: September 11, 2012 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

September 11th, 2012 Vancouver, BC

All eyes were on the LOB Xbox League as the leagues very first dispersal draft of teams began Monday night. Many GM’s had been anxiously awaiting this moment, as the team they drafted could either be a match made in heaven, or a “Mark Messier invading your sex dream about that hot chick who walks by your house everyday” kind of nightmare. Dave Wells was noted as saying “Anybody but those f***ers in Montreal or Calgary.” Dane repeatedly asked for LA while trying to slip the league commissioner $20 bills. And Daniel begged and begged that he be given the Toronto Maple Leafs. “I have waited my whole life to run a team as historic and awesome as the Leafs. Please oh please oh please let it be me!” he said, letting out a girlish squeal.

And with that, the first pick was handed out, based on random numbers. Real random numbers. Not the ones the NHL used to give Crosby to Pittsburgh. Random order selection, random teams selected, and with the first pick, it goes to….

GT: Burrdon
Name: Jared — Carolina

GT: Krazykrokes
Name: Krokes — Nashville

GT: KidRoll
Name: Wyatt — Buffalo

GT: Digital Gopher
Name: Digital— Detroit

GT: CJ Coffin
Name: CJ — NY Rangers

GT: RestlessSoul99
Name: Clayton — Winnipeg

GT: Weltmeisters
Name: Dane — Pittsburgh

GT: khatinthecar
Name: Daniel — Toronto

GT: CovertCoat
Name: Aiur Assassins — Chicago

GT: DereliqueSpalls
Name: Darryl — Anaheim

GT: Serious69er
Name: Andrew — Minnesota

GT: Refused87
Name: Dave — Calgary

GT: AbsynthMynd
Name: Brandon — Washington

GT: Brayden9693
Name: Brayden — Vancouver

GT: R Jafari
Name: Bobak — Los Angeles

Name: Billybones — St. Louis

GT: chuck2norris
Name: Uncle Yaris — NY Islanders

GT: ZevKesef
Name: Alex — Montreal

GT: Justen8 & Sly Bee Dunkin
Name: Justen and Brandon — Florida

Name: Jon — Ottawa

GT: choderama
Name: Cody — Boston

GT: Henderson1907
Name: Matthew — Philadelphia

GT: Colenuck
Name: Cole — Columbus

GT: JNuck82
Name: Adam — New Jersey

GT: kingwesley420
Name: Sean — Dallas

GT: xImpierium1x
Name: Mitch — Edmonton


San Jose  –

GT: sohi66

Name: Onkar


GT: Dipcitygrizz79

Name: Skoal Berry

Two teams TBA:

TBA: Tampa Bay –

Name: Harry



TBA: Colorado

  1. I’m totally okay with being Minnesota.

  2. Billybones says:

    Wyatt you expect us to believe you randomly got Godson’s team?

  3. Wyatt Arndt says:

    Randomized rosters, randomized rosters!

    At least wait until he gets “drafted” to my team before throwing out that accusation. Sheesh.

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