Not to be outdone, PS3 NHL ’13 League selects teams [PS3]

Posted: September 11, 2012 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized
(Pictured above is Paul Holmgren, handing off control of the team to Pham, congratulating him on not having to deal with Chris Pronger’s contract, thanks to randomized rosters.)
September 10th, 2012
Vancouver, BC
Just hours earlier, GM’s from the Xbox league got to see which team they were stuck with. Now, the PS3 owners will have their time to shine. “Xbox league? What, is that the Red Ring of Death league?” snickered John Cullen. “I wonder if they have enough dead Xboxs to play real life Jenga?” mused Ryan Silva. After the console trash talk subsided, the GM’s began to quiet down, waiting with baited breath to see just which team they would get. Would they get the awesome Columbus Blue Jackets with the navy blue 3rd jersey? Would they get the Florida Panthers with the navy blue 3rd jersey? Or perhaps they’d get the St. Louis Blues with the navy blue third jersey? Only time would tell. League Commissioner Pham watched from the wings while the….owner? I guess? of the league, Wyatt, stepped out from behind the curtains.
“First off, I want to thank you all for coming out tonight. I’d also like to thank the Los Angeles Kings for…, wait, screw that. Let’s get this underway! Remember, no crying if you get Toronto. Seriously. That happened last year. It was depressing.” With that being said, the first pick was made…
PSN: wopchop_222
Name: Paul Almeida — Pittsburgh
PSN: notthatserious
Name: John — Boston
PSN: mtmf
Name: James — Ottawa
PSN:  Glups
Name: Justin — Columbus
PSN: HeadShot7539
Name: Henry — Tampa Bay
PSN: sjohal84
Name: Danglers — San Jose
PSN: tobemarked
Name: tobemarked — St. Louis
PSN: captain_bby10
Name: RyanB604 — Detroit
PSN: Dez_Wong
Name: Dez — Winnipeg
PSN: bhangraholic10
Name: Jovan — Dallas
PSN: darkranger08
Name: Jorsco — Anaheim
Name: DiirTOC — Florida
PSN: Big_silvaa
Name: Ryan Silva — Colorado
PSN: plumbdumber1231
Name: Plumbdumber — Carolina
PSN: jhari09
Name: Jas — Nashville
PSN: peachsime
Name: Steve — Minnesota
Name: Dennis — Edmonton
PSN: eyekon03
Name: Phuong Pham — Philadelphia
PSN: CanadasHero
Name: Gurminder — Montreal
Psn name: cleowin42
Name: Shaelon — Vancouver
PSN: vee_44
Name: Vyas Saran — Phoenix
Psn : canucksfan501
Name: Rosario — Chicago
PSN: Kneught
Name: Brad — Buffalo
PSN: CanucksWildchild
Name: Chris — Calgary
PSN: jsan7282
Name: Johnny — Toronto
PSN: rakaydt
Name: Darren — New York Rangers
PSN: dnicol
Name: Duncan  — New York Islanders
PSN: adolfo_ochocinco
Name: Adolfo — Washington
New Jersey – Brian Smith
PSN: bmsmith
Los Angeles
  1. Phuong Pham says:

    Pronger’s contract? I was way more worried about Bryz’s deal. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with that beast. It’s too bad I don’t have Giroux, Simmonds or the Schenn’s.

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