GM’s who are officially in the league

Posted: September 10, 2012 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

26 people have confirmed they are in. That means 4 people have not confirmed. I am going to see if new people want to take the spots. I am going to wait 2 more days, thus giving 5 total days for people to have responded to my league e-mail I sent last week, but after that, I will try and fill up those last 4 spots. If you think you should be on this list, but are not, please let me know ASAP. Once the GM’s are locked in,teams will be handed out on that day.

GT: KidRoll
Name: Wyatt

GT: Digital Gopher

Name: Digital

GT: CJ Coffin

Name: CJ

GT: RestlessSoul99
Name: Clayton

GT: Weltmeisters
Name: Dane

GT: khatinthecar
Name: Daniel

GT: CovertCoat
Name: Aiur Assassins

GT: Burrdon
Name: Jared

GT: DereliqueSpalls
Name: Darryl

GT: Serious69er
Name: Andrew

GT: Refused87
Name: Dave

GT: Krazykrokes
Name: Krokes

GT: AbsynthMynd
Name: Brandon

GT: Brayden9693
Name: Brayden

GT: R Jafari
Name: Bobak

Name: Billybones

GT: chuck2norris
Name: Uncle Yaris

GT: ZevKesef
Name: Alex

GT: Justen8 & Sly Bee Dunkin
Name: Justen and Brandon

Name: Jon

GT: choderama
Name: Cody

GT: Henderson1907
Name: Matthew

GT: Colenuck
Name: Cole

GT: JNuck82
Name: Adam

GT: kingwesley420
Name: Sean

GT: xImpierium1x
Name: Mitch


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