List of GM’s

Posted: August 29, 2012 by Wyatt Arndt in Uncategorized

Folks, I apologize for the unorganized way this league has been started. Issues with my e-mail has made this a bit annoying to set up and confirm who is in and who is out. I have a feeling one or two people who thought they had a spot might not have one, and if that happens, I honestly apologize a ton for that. As with all leagues, though, I am sure there will be dropouts, so we will hopefully be able to add and drop people into the league easily (Come on EA, you better make this easy.)

That being said, team selections will be happening this week. Which means you finally get to know your teams! Yay! Since the main list I have of you guys is based on e-mail, I will be posting the team selections on here, showing who got which team based on their e-mail address. Eventually I will learn names and such, but for now, let’s keep it easy.

I will post on Twitter and draw this process out because that amuses me. So I will announce a few teams every few hours/days/or weeks depending on how it goes.


Please note you should have received a welcome e-mail from . This is the mailing list I will be using to communicate with everyone. If you ever quit the league please remind me to take you off this list so you don’t get pestered with league updates for a league you quit on. HOW COULD YOU QUIT ON US LIKE THAT??


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